• Gurupornima Festival: On the day of Gurupornima Sri Dattaguru chaturmass will be start on that day and Celebrating Guru Vyas Puja at afternoon.

  • Shravanmass Festival: Celebrating Shravanmass mahotsava From Shravan Shudh Pratipada to Bhadrapad Shudh chaturthi. In this one month festival performing a Rudrabhishekh in Nirgun Math .

  • SripadSrivallabh Jayanti Festival: On the day of Bhadrapad Shukla Ganesh Chaturthi Sri SripadSrivallabh Janmohotsava (Birth day of Shri Sri SripadSrivallabh ) .

  • Vijaya Dashami Festival: On the day of Vijaya Dashami Sri Dattaguru Palki going to Kalleshwara temple for purpose of Simolanghan .

  • Narakchaturdashi Festival: On the day of Narakchaturdashi (Deepavali) Shri Guru said to the disciple, 'We shall have bath at Trishali (3 Holy places i. e. Prayag, Kashi and Gaya ) with family and children.

    The disciple said, 'For such a long journey, we require some time for preparations'. Shri Guru says 'These holy places are near about. So there is no need for special preparation, Shri Guru then takes everyone to Sangam and asks them to take bath in eight tirtha’s in gangapur.

    Hence the devotees celebrate the Asthtirtha Snan(Bath) on this day.

  • Tripuri Pornima Festival: On the day of Kartik Vadya Pratipada Sri Dattaguru Palki going to Bheema Amarja Sangam for purpose of end of Chaturmas and for Van Bhojan.

  • Sri Dattajayanti Festival: On the day of Margashirsh Shudha Chaturdashi 12 pm Datta Janmohotsava (Birth day of Shri Lord Dattatreya ) and the Rathosava celebrate on Pornima.

  • Sri NrusinghSarswati Jayanti Festival: On the day of Paush Shudha Dwitiya Sri NrusinghSarswati Janmohotsava (Birth day of Shri Sri NrusinghSarswati ) .

  • Gurupratipada Festival:  On the day of Magh Vadya Pratipada (Sha.1380 (14 January 1459 CE) ) Sri Nrusingh Sarswati (Second incarnation of Lord Datta in kalyug) kept his Nirgun Paduka in Gangapur Nirgun Math and disappeared secretly.

    Hence Yati pujan made on Magh Vadya Pratipada also The Navratri of Lord Dattatraya celebrates from Magh Shuddha Pratipada to Magh Shuddha Pornima.

  • Gopalkala Festival: celebrate on Magh Vadya Chaturdashi

  • Mahashivratri Festival: On the day of Mahashivratri celebrating Yam puja at mid knight in Nirgun Math .

  • Important Note For Devotees : If you are interested to perform puja /Seva’s in Ganagapur temple at Festival time inform us with their details, Puja done through us on their Name. Mahaprasadm will send to you for your good wishes and bright future.

  • For more details about the Sevas please Contact

    Guruprasad ChandrakantBhatt Pujari.
    Chief Priest of Dattareya Temple,
    Sri Kshetra Ganagapur Devsthan.